MYVISION / Spielraum Kollektiv

performance length: 120 min

PREMIERE! The future begins right now! The media move the world while the infuential try to move the media. If children were allowed to report on current events, what would the news look like? What is important for them and why?

MyVision is an interactive theatre event that involves enabling children to make their own MyVision TV news. The Alfred ve dvoře Theatre will turn into a TV studio where children aged 8-12 can watch behind the scenes and create their or content. Spielraum Kollektiv gives children the tools and know-how and helps them develop their own visions.

Is everyone ready? TV MyVision is starting in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

MyVision is an interactive theatre project for children from 8 to 12 years old. The language of communication is Czech.

Concept: Linda Straub, Mathias Straub
Directed by: Linda Straub
Dramaturgy: Tomáš Žižka
Stage design: Mathias Straub, Tomáš Žižka
Music: Myko
Production: Denisa Samková
Performers: Marie Fröhlichová, Pavel Kozohorský, Linda Straub and Tomáš Žižka/Roman Černík
Video: Mathias Straub, Martin Krupa
Light design: Prokop Vondruška

Premiére: 6. 12. 2018, Alfred ve dvoře, Praha

Spielraum Kollektiv is an independent group of theatre artists around Linda Straub and Mathias Straub, focusing primarily on site-specific and documentary theatre. Significant features of previous projects include innovative ways to involve the audience and emphasis on working with space. In its experimental work, the band often relies on the principles of physical and visual theatre.

The founders have been creating theatre projects since 2011. Some of their projects have been, for example, Marie to dala. Jak to dáš ty? (2013), Proč dál? (2015), Fidlovačka aneb Kdo je My? (2017), or Busking Un/Limited (2016). The latter brought Linda and Mathias Straub a nomination for the 2016 Divadelní noviny Prize in Alternative Theater category. Their latest work Relax Now! Was selected to participate in the FIAC festival in Mexico.