performance length: 60 min
No-spiritual-barrier Performance
costumes: Kristýna Záveská
dramaturgical and direction support:: Michal Hába, Dora Bouzková
light design: František Fabián
movement support: Rostislav Novák
music: Kryštof Koenigsmark
Performers and co-authors: Josef Rosen, Lukáš Bouzek, Martin Sedláček, Markéta Dvořáková, Marie Švestková
production: Milena Fabiánová
set design: Martin Šárovec
set design support: Šárka Havlíčková

The performance explores the lines between faith and gullibility, between real spirituality and shallow manipulation.

The core material for this spiritual masturbation is the personal experience of the actors who studied different transcendental and spiritual groups for half a year and, like eager sponges, absorbed the impulses leading to enlightenment, better vibrations, awakening of their inner-selves, and transition to a higher state of being. Now is the time to wring out the spiritual juice from the sponges onto our materialist egos.
The performance responds to the karma level of each audience; therefore, the form of transport of the definite truth is always different. Live musicians and visual artists help to sustain the most genuine vibrations during the performance.
“The performance responds to the most sensual level and touches the spiritual integrity of each of us. It is necessary for the materialists in the audience to dissolve their ego into love and complete acceptance. The performance offers new movement, a new way to experience reality, which, with regular practice, leads to a fusion of all our levels. It also offers a story: the tale of young Daniel who is undergoing a difficult life situation. Luckily, he meets with enlightened people who follow the light journey. His life therefore undergoes a change of karmic volume. Are you ready to follow him on this journey? (Touchee Feelee – Spiritual Guru, the direct pupil of the 4th senior master Noee Cluee)

D.I.S. Harmonie is an independent group of theatre students who have already staged more than a hundred improvised performances.
First night: 21 April 2010 at Alfred ve dvoře

Supported by: APU-AD o.s, CENTRUM SÁMOVKA - o.s.VHLED, IMPROPACT, MOTUS o.s-Alfred ve dvoře Theatre Production

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Photo by Kamil Varga