El Captain / Dangerous Theatre

Puppet theatre in czech language
performance length: 45 min
in czech

Dangerous Theatre is a cult puppet theatre, led by an artist František Antonín Skala. This theatre group whom is almost virtually impossible to catch a sight of and are rarely seen in public.
Dangerous Theatre is one of the mysterious multidisciplinary group LSJ, and works with a classical puppet theatre format, replacing dramatic situations with real dangers where all the characters are gradually coming to a miserable end. Grotesque sketches of Dangerous Theatre are built on scenographic effects and suicidal events of puppets, which are often carefully cut from root vegetables or other unusual materials. Their short stage life is ended by cutting, crushing in a blender or obliterating explosions.
All performances are preceded by a thorough theoretical preparation that goes hand in hand with the absence of practical rehearsals. The resulting technological and rendering improvisation creates tension and brings into play the element of unpredictability and real danger that often threatens not only actors but also audiences. The first row is only for those who dare! Suitable for adventurous children and their guidance.

Storyline, director, scenographer, interpreter:
Václav Krčál
Mikuláš Adamovský
Václav Mašek
František Antonín Skála


František Antonín Skála (1984)
František grew up and studied in Prague. Firstly, he studied woodcarving at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Prague, then at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where he graduated at prof. Jiri Beranek’s Sculpture Studio. During his years at the university, he went for an exchange at the dept. of Illustration and Graphics in 2006, followed by an internship in 2008 at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb. That year he also won an award of the Department of Fine Arts for an object called ¨Galerie Birdzí¨. After absolving his studies, he devoted himself mainly to his artistic creation and film.