Reif-Jeřábek-Folvarčný for the Bufet Theatre
performance length: min
a roadshow
concept and direction: Tomáš Jeřábek, Petr Reif, Jakub Folvarčný
music and sounds: David Hlaváč
performed by: Tomáš Jeřábek, Petr Reif, Jakub Folvarčný
set design: Jitka Nejedlá

Cheap temptations are just what they seem. They don’t disguise anything. Finally it’s here, nothing more than empty amusement. You see it and now you’ll never be rid of it. And it’s what you wanted. “Hooray!” you yell with relief in the moment of ecstasy.
What now? What happened next? After you’ve seen it? Be careful! Every day you emerge from your bed and stick your head under the tap – cock-a-doodle-doo! – it’s a new morning. With wet hair you get ready for a new day. What do you think of first? Cheap temptations! Well whatever. With anti-dandruff shampoo you wash the attractive secretary from your hair. Reality is there outside, you tell yourself; I’ll go outside and immediately forget about her. But it returns to you in shiny storage closets and in the looks of fellow citizens, in the reflections of their gazes, in the glare. It’s everywhere. You don’t know where to look. You try to stop it... You start to run, but you run towards it. Noooooo! You take a quick look, and then you give up. It’s what I wanted and now I have it. And we have you.

A performance that we will try to sell you at a good price so that you don’t notice it.

Petr Reif – owner of the Autobuf mobile theatre space and head of the Bufet Theatre, Tomáš Jeřábek – long-time pillar of Vosto5, Jakub Folvarčný – Divadlo Dobré Kávy (Theatre of Fine Coffee) founder and national slam poetry champion.
premiere: 29 October 2010, “Autobuf” theatre space under the auspices of the “Bufet” Theatre
support: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic