performance length: 60 min
directed and performed by: Gerasim Dichliev

The spectacle tells about the time of a travel and a time travel; it explains why we sometimes decide to move our whole life several thousand kilometers to the West or decades to the East. It is a spectacle about the memories, turned into smiles from old pictures, about the dreams poured into tears, as well as about the hopes, and disappointments, and the arrival doomed to failure, and the impossible return.

„I arrived in France in 1993, shortly after the Berlin Wall collapsed, and I was as a part of the first emigration waves from the ex Communist block. I chose Paris because of the pantomime and the great French mime Marcel Marceau whose School I graduated three years later. I stayed in France in order to work… as a mime.”
Guerassim Dichliev, Author and performer of A Monologue with a Suitcase

We kindly bring to your attention a project where art, ecology and sport meet. It is meant to be fulfilled by an enthusiastic mime on a bike, accompanied by a team in an electromobile. In the course of 34 we intend to tour 34 towns and villages in 7 European countries in order to present 34 performances of the autobiographic monoplay entitles A Monologue with a Suitcase.

„The idea of this tour with a suitcase is to walk backwards the route from Svilengrad to Paris which I hitch-hiked 20 years ago chasing my dreams – to become a mime, to learn from the best: Mime Marcel Marceau. Now, when the Road became my Home, I want to walk it again, this time not rushing to the final destination, but savouring every step and every meeting.”
Guerassim Dichliev
Presented in Prague thanks to Bulgarian Cultural Institute and Bulgarian Embassy in Czech Republic.

Project partners:

Alliance française de Brno, Alliance française de Plzeň,Auto*Mat, Brno na kole, Divadlo Bolka Polívky, EU – EHMK, Eurocentrum Plzeň, Europe Direct Plzeň, Francouzský institut, Johan centrum, Kutná Hora, Letní Letná, Městské Tylovo divadlo v Kutné Hoře, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Motus, produkce divadla Alfred ve dvoře, Novoměstská kulturní zařízení, Plzeň EHMK 2015, Plzeňský kraj, Techmania Science Center, Tiskárna Stuare

Photo: Maria Cosatto Photo: Maria Cosatto Photo: Maria Cosatto Photo: Maria Cosatto Photo: Maria Cosatto Photo: Maria Cosatto