Linguistically barrier-free
performance length: 70 min
no language barrier

Fri 06.09. 2019 20:0049100 / 100,- Kčbuy and reserve
Regular meeting of fans of real film materials. Found footage expanded cinema, or screening of long-forgotten film jewels using a 8mm, or 16mm projectors. With presence of significant film collectors and 8mm film masters like Martin Ježek, Martin Klapper, and many more. Handa Gote is opening up a treasure chest full of films which has been collected and gathered for years, taking out newly discovered family records and instructional films from the 70s. Screening is accompanied by live music, a special mixtape and a sweet voice of the presenter, who is using a dynamic microphone of the Shure brand. An event full of film and sound old-school treasures of media archaeology, forgotten beauties of film emulsion – all during the pleasing rattle of the famous brand Eumig 8mm projector.

There will be a screening of each of the following:
Films of the Handa Gote group private hidden collection, Civil Defense films, family records, unlabeled 16mm reals from the village cinema in Chotovice, Fininsh 16mm film about dental hygiene, KP8 instructional films, skiing and jiu-jitsu!

Prepared by Handa Gote and friends:
Tomáš Procházka, Vojtěch Procházka, Martin Ježek, Martin Klapper, Jan Kalivoda, Jan Dörner, Jonáš Svatoš, Jakub Hybler.