Programme Archive may 2012

Wed 02.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
Thu 03.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
DEEP FOREST / Handa Gote Research & Development
Part of the Small Inventory Festival
Sustainable Living Theatre
Handa Gote focuses this time on the world beyond the human world, and reflections on it in performan...more
Fri 04.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
TONTTU / Pasi Mäkelä (FIN)
Part of the Handa Gote: Still-Life 3 Festival
This Gnome is Wild at Heart
In states of delirium people of all times have seen little men. (Pasi Mäkelä) Pasi Mäkelä...more
Traped in the body
Mon 07.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
Wed 09.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
TRAPPED IN THE BODY / Jakub Folvarčný, Týna Průchová & David Hlaváč
Societal Horror
How good the time spent in our bodies is depends on a precious few factors. If we set our imaginatio...more
Margaretha Holds Forth
Thu 10.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
Bára Látalová and Company
Contemporary DecaDance
THIS PERFORMANCE HAS BEEN CANCELLED! “...An exalter of the idyllic country life I shall...more
CLOUDS, photo: Lukáš Kadeřábek
Wed 16.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
Thu 17.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
CLOUDS / Handa Gote Research & Development
Czech version with English subtitles
archeology of the family
In this piece the Handa Gote group continues to work with “little histories“, this time turning to o...more

Mon 21.05.2012 | 09:00 | big stage
Mon 21.05.2012 | 11:00 | big stage
DIVADELTA – divadlo Fórum
On the topic of bullying and financial literacy for elementary and secondary schools
In Czech only. Both performances are booked for schools....more
Dance of The Magnetic Ballerina
Wed 23.05.2012 | 20:00 | small stage
Thu 24.05.2012 | 20:00 | small stage
DANCE OF THE MAGNETIC BALLERINA / Andrea Miltnerová & Jan Komárek
Retroexpression in Movement
Quick info for PQ visitors today: Tickets for tonight are still available. You can't buy it on g...more
West Wing
Wed 30.05.2012 | 20:00 | big stage
WEST WING / Ondřej Lipovský
no language barrier
Powerless in Dreams
West Wing is an imaginative visual performance, a deconstructed illustrated book, a hallucination, a...more