Young Beasts in a COMICS Skin 2

performance length: 75 min
Biograph Alfred - movie club
no language barrier
//Radek Doskočil //
animated movies / 15 min

Murder song
An inspiring comics video for the band Nana Zorin, winner of the 1st prize at the ANIfest 2006 International Film Festival in the category of animated jingle / video, will delight every comics lover. no language barrier
For Kate
A video for the band Ignu. The heart and the bird like the main heroes, the drawing and reality as their form. no language barrier
Adamatiti in London
An animated recording of a true event which happened when the band Tri sestry were on a trip to London. Only for the tough.

// Vojta Švejda //
A staged comics / 60 min / no language barrier
This one-man comedy show by Vojta Švejda, full of original gags and sophisticated lighting design, tells the story of the poet Bliss, who lives in an attic apartment in the highest house in the city, not only on the boundary between heaven and earth but also on the edge between a witty dream and ridiculous reality. Bliss himself is a fabricated but quite a real dreamer, in some ways a genii, a trivial sponger, in some ways a child. He dreams of reaching the ground, of being successful there and meeting someone.
The structure of the performance follows the story-telling style of a comic and the poetics of animated movies. It is an original association of the pantomime acting processes and the traditional buffoonery, the cut of modern comics, sound effects and plays, and music.
Light design: Vladimír Burian, Pierre Nadaud, Director assistant: Pierre Nadaud - author of the graphic design and biograph
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BIOGRAPH ALFRED: Young Beasts in a COMICS Skin
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