Young Beasts in a COMICS Skin 1

performance length: 75 min
Biograph Alfred - movie club
// Jan Cechl //
animated movies / 30 min
An original young author who in his very peculiar work enjoys touching upon the so-called decadent genres, such as horror or parody.

A provocative surrealist play which works with naive fantasies as well as the dark corners of a child’s soul. no language barrier
Bloody Merry Christmas
A sensitive puppet story for the whole family, telling the distressful journey of a Christmas tree which is actually a disguise for a serial killer. The follow-up to the best traditions of the legendary film series entitled Friday the 13th and other American modern horrors. This film was awarded a prize at the FAMUfest 2007 festival. no language barrier
A Forgotten Hat World premiere!
A movie combining featured and animated sequences, which uses the elements of a cheap documentary, expensive animation and dust-covered slapstick. Mr Hat is a long forgotten animated grump character who lives alone in an old apartment in Prague - Vrsovice until he is discovered by an investigative journalist, Pavel Kacenka (the audience will easily discover the real names).

// Jiří Jelínek a Marie Jansová //
puppet theatre / 45 min
Crisis of an Artists Resolving Existence

A specific puppet and theatre act based on the Novel of Chicken on Plums by Marjane Satrapi, the contemporary star of “woman comics” (her Persepolis was the first Iranian comic in the world). This daring assault on your funny bone will be commanded by Cat, Ball, Ball of Wool, Pig, Dolls, Metronome, Violin, Everyday Garbage, the unusual uncle Jirka and Pretty Mary. The story of Karel who is over 30, has three children, one wife and a broken violin. A major theme presented in an appalling manner. Simply – punk as it should be.
Authors, directors, stage designers and actors: Jiří Jelínek a Marie Jansová - author of the graphic design and biograph
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BIOGRAPH ALFRED: Young Beasts in a COMICS Skin
This refreshing film and theatre cocktail is served as part of the KomiksFEST! 2008 festival, see

Here is the program till the end of this year, which can change.

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