Storytelling Workshop
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\"You wouldn’t believe what happened to me once...\" That’s how your story can start, too. After a series of theatre workshops focussing on the foundations of improvisation, investigation into the expressive capabilities of the body and site-specific projects, D.I.S. Harmonie has now decided to zero in on the most basic element of theatricality: the story.

Work with stories has a long historical tradition. The story is the first original method of sharing experiences. Our brains are better wired to receive them than they are for receiving facts. Unlike a banally presented fact, stories act on the emotions, and so are better able to influence the attitude of the listener.
Storytelling includes narration, gestures, voice modulation, perspective and animation. It is de facto on the border of recital and theatre. During the workshop we will also focus on choosing stories, making them dramatic and working with punch lines. It is an opportunity to discover your own authentic storytelling style.

Workshop lecturers:

Josef Rosen – Josef studied theatre anthropology and drama education at DAMU. He has worked as an actor and performer in projects at the Archa, Minor and Skutr theatres. At the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre he has created a total of 28 roles, indelibly etching himself into the hearts of audiences, in particular the ladies. While rehearsing for the performance of “Mezilidi” (“Among People”), he attained total enlightenment, and ever since has lived in the dark in strict celibacy eating only roots.

Martin Sedláček – Martin majored in psychology at the FFUK and drama education at DAMU. In the 1980s he regularly performed in the Anděl metro station. He etched himself indelibly into the hearts of the stationmasters with the invisible theatre projects “Lost Children” and “Lost Keys”. At the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre he has added another five kilos to his repertoire. A film about his troubled childhood by Czech Television in collaboration with Respekt Magazine is currently not in production.
Workshop timeschedule:
Saturday 6.11. 3pm-8pm
Sunday 7.11. 1pm-7pm

You can sign up for the workshop by sending an e-mail to The workshop takes place over two days and will conclude with a Sunday performance at the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre (at 8 p.m.)
The enrolment fee is CZK 950 and must be paid by November 5 to account No. 131908369/0800 with stated name, under variable symbol “Storytelling”. The number of spaces is limited!