WORKSHOP LIGHT DESIGN /8. - 12. 3. 2007/

performance length: min
Light Design Workshop for dancers, scenographers and light designers under guidance of Laurent Schneegans (FR).

L. Schneegans will briefly introduce an overview of his theatre and dance work. After that, workshop participants assisted by the lecturer get the chance to work on a light design of a choreography exercise and learn how to find an optimal light direction, examine the colour and thermal effects of filter nuances as well as work with shadows.

Laurent Schneegans (*1963) has a degree in Theatre Engineering/Technology from INACOM, Paris. He has collaborated with artists such as Jean-Louis Martin-Barbaz, Joel Hourbeigt, Patric (K) Trottier or Christian Pinaud and since 1996 he has been working with Paco Decina on regular bases. As a member of Philippe Geffroy’s theatre group, he has been collecting experience also in the field of street theatre light design. He gives regular workshops on theatre light design. His light design is based on a tight collaboration with a choreographer. He emphasises the body and its movement. Rather unintentionally, he frequently chooses lively colours to aid the audience to immerse into the world of performance. According to his opinion, no matter how important light design may be, it should never overshadow the performance itself,

Workshop price: 900 CZK
If you are interested, please email us by March 5, 2007 at the latest on: or
This workshop is organized by SE.S.TA, o. s. – Setkávání současného tance (Contemporary Dance Encounters) together with Motus, o. s. – Alfred ve dvoře Theatre Production.

Acknowledgements: The French Institute in Prague and MAMAPAPA, o. s.