Workshop Eva Weissmann

for professional dancers, musicians, singers, performers
performance length: min
no language barrier
Eva Weissman works with the phenomena of interpersonal conflict – how it comes about and the ways of solving it. Thus she combines a theatre performance with political action.
She touches upon the principle of human communication and its aspects.

Eva Weissman will present means of searching for new movement vocabulary for stage work. She uses the Feldenkrais method through which the participants will be able to sense the spaces of the body and use this perception to create movements, sound and voice. She purposefully makes use of the “mistakes” and unexpected events or reactions of the public. She also uses the “what is in the air” method where the performers and dancers come into interaction with the spectators and experiment with the principle of an open forum as a space where all the available opinions and feelings can be expressed.

Four artists will be selected from the workshop participants to be offered the chance to take part in a performance called Is Money Money, together with the WE ARE WE Ensemble group, to be staged at Alfred ve dvore theatre on 03–04 November. Selected participants should book their time for rehearsals and preparation of the performance from 31/10 to 04/11.