Dance performance
performance length: min
dancers: Hooman Sharifi
choreography: Hooman Sharifi
in co-operation with: Leif Hernes
music: Javid Asfrirad
project coordinator: Elisabeth Hansen
Touching and unconventional confession concerning immigration and identity performed by an extraordinary young talent of European dance theatre Hooman Sharifi, who left Iran for Norway being14 years old. This one-man show is an introspection of personal memories, misunderstandings and even politics, combining classical Iranian music with spoken word and contemporary dance. It is fascinating and confrontational at the same time.

Is it possible to express something deeply personal without compassion? How can one present folklore without presenting difference? How does one create empathy? How to manifest identity? What constitutes ethnical environment? Do ethnic groups exist just for their own sake or is there a purpose behind their existence? What is the function of ethnic group?

Hooman Sharifi presents these issues very gently and intimately without the usual clichés. He allows enough time not only for individual elements of his performance but also for its participants. He allows enough time not only to himself but to his audience as well. Hooman believes, that during that time he and the audience can confront their memory, understanding and prejudice. The hulking figure of the dancer could easily be mistaken for a member of security team, however, when Hooman starts dancing in the rhythm of his country, you are suddenly stuck by the beauty and grace of his movements, trembling from the risk, smile and eyes closed in a deep devotion.
This project is staged in partnership with Multicultural Centre Prague.