WE DO NOT KNOW THE LOGIC OF THE WIND/ Sonja Pregrad, Nives Sertić (HR)

An Identity.Move! project performance
performance length: 40 min
An expanded performance about fake nature and real excitement. A conversation between a body and a camera, this performance unites dance, video, documentary and humor. It is a poetic conversation between two friends, in which one is not the wind, while the other is a landscape of breath.

Video artist Nives and dancer/choreographer Sonja started research work in Prague in summer 2013 by examining identity as a question of relationships and of the way we reflect those that we are in a relationship with. This took them to the Fatamorgana glasshouse of exotic plants at Prague's botanical garden to examine the question: is the need to create an attempt to arrange something outside of oneself, arrange something which is already naturally self-arranged?

"I am looking at you while you are looking at me while you are being looked by the audience and you are looking back at them while we are trying to clarify our relationship and how is that in a relationship with the seed that reflects the universe... ."

Performance is a part of Bazaar 2016 festival. It is in English.


Nives Sertić is a multimedia and video artist. She graduated in 2009 at the Department of Animated Film and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Her interests vary from long term interdisciplinary collaborative projects like "OMM" and "Antibiotik", to poetic video, sound installations, performances and other research projects. She is also regularly collaborating within the dance and theatre scene. Among others, she collaborated with Sonja Pregrad, Irma Omerzo, Željka Sančanin, Petra Zanki, Improspekcije, ekscena, ... Currently she is working as a lecturer at the School of design Zagreb, and on the new project with Sonja Pregrad.

Sonja Pregrad is a dance artist interested in the (im)materiality of dance and choreography of relations. She graduated from ArtEZ in the Netherlands and received an MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship at UdK in Berlin. In her works, such as ‘Value is a dynamic surplus’ with Marjana Krajač, ‘Sequel for the future’ with Willy Prager or ‘Balkan Dance Reality Show’, dance is always approached as a contextualized and relational gesture. She co-curates the festival IMPROSPEKCIJE and the interdisciplinary magazine and project TASK and regularly teaches at Academy for Fine Arts in Zagreb. She also works as a performer for Boris Charmatz, Sanja Iveković and Isabelle Schad, among others, and co-runs the artistic organization ‘Fourhanded’.

Concept, facilitators: Nives Sertić, Sonja Pregrad
Produced by: Fourhanded (Cetveroruka) arts organization / Ana Letunić
Supported by: Zaklada Kultura nova Croatia, the Croatian Embassy in Prague, MOTUS / producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Identity.Move!
Special thanks: TALA Dance Center, Zagreb