TRAPPED IN THE BODY / Jakub Folvarčný, Týna Průchová & David Hlaváč

performance length: 70 min
Societal Horror
Concept, direction, stage design: Jakub Folvarčný
music & sound: David Hlaváč
performed by: Jakub Folvarčný, David Hlaváč, Týna Průchová
How good the time spent in our bodies is depends on a precious few factors. If we set our imagination to work, the seemingly acceptable factors and context of our “freedom“ can start to seem uncomfortable – even unbearable. To our horror we find that escape is extremely difficult. A story loosely based on the contemporary political and social situation. Nature in its highest form meets the highest form
of politicial, social and scientific contempt for the individual.

The whole universe can fit on a small table and that very fact can make you sick to your stomach. When naturalism and poetry are wed to each other they may just breed into parallels that while disgusting will
in some way be about our daily lives. Hopefully these will bring us hope: hope for change or for the extinction of all this.

Photo: Lucia Eggenhoffer Photo: Lucia Eggenhoffer Photo: Lucia Eggenhoffer