The Handbook of an Independent Filmmaker
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.:. a unique double serving of films .:.

7 pm / MOVIE (Czech Republic, 2007, 84 min)
An experimental black-and-white film offers an original visual experience and an unexpected and unrespectable twist in the storyline. It tells a symbolic story about the loss and subsequent discovery of almost all kinds of passion, including the creative. You’ll never find a more hilarious and original handbook of “how to cook a film, when the doggie and the kitty are not at home” and you’re an unknown artist.
In the leading role, “dancing his acting pogo” is the director himself, supported by the excellent and mysterious Karel Zima.

8.30 pm / JOSEPH’S JOURNEY (Czech Republic, 2008, preview)
The evening will be closed with the projection of exclusive preaview from brand new art drama of Ivo Trajkov with the working title Joseph’s Journey, with personal commentary from the autor. The distributor of the film is nobody smaller than the mighty company FALCON. The first night of this movie should be held in January 2009. - author of the graphic design and biograph

The next instalment in the series on “personalities of the Czech cinema” will focus on the Czech independent filmmaker with a distinctive dramaturgical attitude: the pedagogue of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and director Ivo Trajkov. The author will be present at the screening to introduce each work with an original presentation and an endearing sense of irony.

Here is the program till the end of this year, which can change.

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