A Descent to the Soul of a Director
performance length: min
Biograph Alfred - movie club
A series of provocative short student films of Ivo Trajkov – and not only his! You can look forward to the acting of Jan Hřebejk (Human Factor), who found himself on the other side of the camera. You will also see Michal Táborský in his first film role in the breathtaking, Blade Runner-style sci-fi movie. Nalejme si čisté vody (Let’s Pour Ourselves a Glass of Clean Water).
The block of films will be rounded off with an exclusive projection of a film which was meant to never see the light of a cinema. Kundera would almost certainly not be delighted to see it today… - author of the graphic design and biograph

The next instalment in the series on “personalities of the Czech cinema” will focus on the Czech independent filmmaker with a distinctive dramaturgical attitude: the pedagogue of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and director Ivo Trajkov. The author will be present at the screening to introduce each work with an original presentation and an endearing sense of irony.

Here is the program till the end of this year, which can change.

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