Performance for one person / English only
performance length: 180 min
open rehearsal

Previous reservation is necessary, contact us to book the time you will come on 35 min open rehearsal for one-person-audience

The Stranger Gets a Gift is a research project focused on creating performances with, and for individuals. One audience-member is invited to make an appointment with the artist and spend together 35 Min. Aprox. During this time the visitor will provide mínimum information which will be processed by the artist with media gadgets, re-interpreting it and creating a symbolic world; the audience-member will keep a portion of data generated in this encounter as a souvenir gift.

This research is motivated by a desire to recover rituality in the communication between two persons using modern means as alchemic agents. Can that be achievable? Come and judge for yourself.

Cristina Maldonado is a Mexican performer that uses experimental theatre, dance, participatory art, new and old media. Since 2003 she has been directing various art and theatre projects in Czech Republic such as Experiment in Terror, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (2011), Theorem of Wanting, Roxy/NoD (2009), Fact, Festival 4+4 days in motion (2004), Study on Fact and Fragility, PQ (2010), Audio-witness, Honestly Old, MeetFactory (2010), Melodrama Mexicano, Transteatral Festival (2010).
Currently she has the Grant for Experienced Directors form the National Fund for Art and Culture (FONCA/CONACULTA) Mexico.
This laboratory and open rehearsal is part of Botana Mexicana, a festival of Mexican contemporary art that includes experimental music, performance, graphic design and video art. Botana Mexicana is taking place from 02 - 24 of June at different venues in Prague. Check out the program and have a taste of contemporary Mexico!

This performance is the result of a one week research laboratory that will take place in theater Alfred ve Dvore, the project will continue to be developed during one year by Cristina Maldonado with the support of the Experienced Directors Grant Program 2012-2014 of the National Fund for Arts and Culture of Mexico (FONCA-CONACULTA).
Supported by Foreign Affairs Secretariat, Mexican Embassy in Czech Republic.