Borislav Pekič, Iva Brdar, Marija Krstić
performance length: 50 min
puppet theatre
direction: Marija Krstić
dramaturgy: Iva Brdar
music: Vratislav Šrámek
performed by: Tomáš Běhal, Tomáš Podrazil, Jana Kollertová
Photography: Nikolaj Rýfr, Jolana Teuberová
production: Jolana Teuberová
set by: Jitka Hudcová
the performance is based on: Borislav Pekić
translation: Jakub Novosad
Damen und Herren! Ladies and Gentlemen!
Welcome to this original show of laughter and fear, of passion and betrayal, of an artist and of the art scene during the Third Reich.
You will see the story of a uniquely talented man, a master of figure skating, who fostered his craft and reached for the stars.
Come and see how easy it is to forget your own background and the crimes committed on your family when you hear applause, laughter, and words of honour.
We will show you how high one can fly and how deep one can then fall.

The performance is the first adaption in the Czech Republic of the work of Serbian writer Borislav Pekic.
The story of Ikaros Gubelkijan asks the fundamental question of the purpose of art under a totalitarian regime. Is there an excuse for someone who sells his talent? Should he be punished for this? What is the power of art at the time of Third Reich composed of?
Support: The project is supported by the Dilia Foundation, FRVŠ - DAMU and Motus - Alfred ve dvoře Theatre Production.