performance length: 60 min
A morality tale for adults.

On Troubled Brotherly Relations at That Particular Time and About
How Two Brothers Fell to Debauchery and Maimed Many a Man
And Ended Lives in Unnatural Ways, or a Demonstration of
How One Must Never Use Certain Intoxicating Essences.
Unique Diagnoses During the Spanish Flu Epidemic.
A Basic Manual in Attack and Parry with a Rapier.
Lovers in the Sulphur Quarry / Red Nelson’s End
Plantain Street Mystery / Warm Water Dangers
The Depravity of Exotic Bird Domestification
The Rising Wave in Youthful Lechery
A Smell Most Foul in St. Dunstan’s
Limb Amputation‘s Drastic Effects
Homemade Medicine Substitutes
Population Census Pointlessness
Down in the Old Oyster Beds
Redhead, Ginger and Ranga
Spy in the Sardine Factory
The Benefits of Lethargy
The Call of the Docks
Human Trafficker
The Lecherman
The Dungeons
The Morass

Dear audience members,
While we struggle to prove ourselves to the world, and fall prey to a deep-set fear that we are wasting our own lives, morality and decency are vanishing. A trio of protagonists is almost literally nailed to a temporary stage with iron spikes, and each tries fiercely to outdo each other in performing their own bits, shouting over each other, shoving and resorting to unfair blows in order to steal the audience’s attention away from anyone else. Also, many special effects are used in the performance. In preparing for this piece, the performers subjected themselves to extreme physical and psychological stress. Like trained animals in an old-style circus they endured the worst possible torture during various workshops, lectures and exercises. All of these activities had unclear goals and only very rarely a positive moral outcome. During rehearsal itself, the protagonists aimed for the closest possible interconnection of their experiences and then, during a procedure called „mozektank“ (which means submitting to the will of the majority only once you have has convinced it to accept your own opinion), they used their skills and experience to the maximum in order to undergo a phenomenal attempt at creating a complex drama. We should add that they have at all times avoided pretension,
kitsch, and generalizations. All of these efforts lack clear goals and only very rarely could have a positive moral outcome – which must be emphasized!!! Some of the things mentioned in this blurb can be seen in this performance.

With very best wishes

Wariot Ideal

Performers: Jan Kalivoda, Vojta Švejda, Jan Dörner
Lighting design, technic realization: Jan Dörner
Costumes: Daniela Klimešová
Scenography: Bohdan Dušek
Music: Wariot Ideal
Production: Milena Fabiánová

Wariot Ideal is a creative collective founded in 2009 on the basis of many years of cooperation between Vojta Švejda and Jan Kalivoda, and more recently Jan Dörner. Together they have created several different new performances on the Czech independent scene. The group’s members deal in other artistic disciplines than just theatre: film, music, sound and light design. They search for new possibilities in artistic expression with a dose of comedy, presenting unique works on current events in our lives and times. Their performances are to be seen regularly in several different Prague theatres, in many other Czech cities and abroad. (Spain, U.S.A., Bosnia and Herzogovina, Italy, Hungary, England, France, Austria, Slovakia, Lithuanian and more). They are also perform concerts with their musical groups: Woříšci and Šedesátiny Jarky Nohavici.

Other performances by Wariot Ideal: Famfuláre (2006), Polaris (2006), The Platform: Forgotten Sector (2011), Siphon (2009), Super Natural (2012), Wariot Ideal: A Heavy Metal Soap Opera (2010), Prisoners of Space (2012), GundR (2014)


Premiere: 28. 10. 2015, Alfred ve dvoře
Support / Thanks to:
the City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Culture Fund, and Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre.