Solange Schifferdecker
performance length: 35 min
physical theatre
no language barrier
concept, performed by: Solange Schifferdecker
Couching: Pierre Nadaud
light design: Martin Bitala
musical accompaniment: Florian Tilzer
set design: Anita Nemkyová
The performance is part of presentation of JAMU students, the studio of Pierre Nadaud

Inspired by the novel One hundred years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Solo performance about the life of three women: Ursula, the mother of everyone, who seems to be immortal; impulsive Rebecca; beautiful Remedios.
The portraits of these three women were inspired by the novel One Hundred Year of Solitude, a fascinating book about how these characters are tied to the land and the nature surrounding them. Each of characters evolves in a world that is neither negative nor positive, but simple, self-contained, and full of life.

The performance is accompanied by a musician whose instrument is water.

The projects of Solange Schifferdecker:
Performer in the solo “L’ombre dans le bocal”, Switzerland, 2009.
Performance with Jennifer Skolovsky and performer in “Una giornata con i Benibouffebouffe”, Switzerland 2008.
Performer in “Dada Congressus”, Switzerland, 2009.
Performer in “ Variété- Variétà”, Switzerland, 2008.

Solange Schifferdecker :
She participated on projects with Company Lumen, contemporary circus and Company MimeOsa, contemporary mime. In 2002, Solange started Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Academy for physical theatre in Switzerland where she obtained her Bachelor degree.
At the end of studies she wanted to experience different influences and therefore went to Physical Theatre Studio of Pierre Nadaud, where the performance Les Carnes del Ursula had been created.

Florian Tilzer:
Musician and (non)Dancer was born in Tyrol Alps. Since 1997 he has been living in Brno and Prague. He is a member of Filigran group and co-founder of Brno Festival of contemporary dance Natřikrát. He studies West-African divination and rituals. His artistic collaboration includes work with Ioana Popovici, Pierre Nadaud, Christopher Pajer, Jan Kavan and Ivan Palacký.
Premiere: 25 April 2010 in Marta Studio, Brno

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