performance length: 45 min
Audiovisual performance
no language barrier
Švarcová & Havlíček
Costume design: Erika Čičmanová
director of photography: Tereza Sochorová
music: Johana Švarcová
performed by: Johana Švarcová, Radek Rubáš
Projection / Light design / Stage design: Jiří Havlíček
Puppets made by: Štěpán Uherka
script and direction: Švarcová & Havlíček
The last 45 minutes from the life of a cat which fell from a roof. Audio-visual performance, puppet theatre and cinema in one.

“She thought she would do great things, but actually she was quite clumsy. She liked milk and the purring of the fridge. She listened to the plants breathing and imagined the night sky behind the curtain. She saw things no-one else could see – a tea pot, cloth hanger or a flower pot. To see the reality, she had to go alone into the dark.”

A minimalist stage setting connects short animations and videos with strong and partially improvised acting. Images are projected on the backdrop and a text appears from time to time on the small front screen. The cat moves in between them. Sometimes slowly and carefully, sometimes quickly and randomly. She approaches her end under the sound of electronic music. But is it the real end, or is it rather a beginning? The cat will never answer this question to anyone.

This performance is assisted by the performer and musician Johana Švarcová (Radio Ivo, Láhor Soundsystem, DNO Theatre, improvization with Simona Babčáková, Cassete), actor and performer Radek Rubáš (Teatre de la Liberte, Láhor Soundsystem) and Jiří Havlíček, creative artist and conceptual VJ (Fiume TV inscenuje Triumf smrti, Cassete).
In cooperation with: David Doubek, Petr Marek, Jaroslav Svoboda, Marek Bečka, Marián Moštík, Honza Hanyš, Petr Strouhal, Vilém Novák, René Levinský and Dáša Kantorková

Supported by: DNO Theatre C.A., Hradec Králové City Council, Softir a.s., New Web project and MOTUS – producers of the ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre