Biograf Alfred
performance length: 60 min
film evening
Free Entry Event
Anifilm is a new festival of animated films which takes place in Třeboň. For two evenings in the Alfred you‘ll see the best of this year’s festival. Come and explore local student works which offer a high standard and variety of styles and techniques, even in the international context. This series comprises work from all Czech and Slovakian film schools.
Cestou lesní / director: Jakub Kouřil, 6 min, ČR, UTB /Anifilm winner/
Pružinka / director: Michal Mészáros, 7 min, ČR, VŠMU / Anifilm winner/
Nunovó Tango / director: Jaromír Plachý, 4min,
The programme:

ČR, /Anifilm winner/
Instalace / director: Patrik Borecký, 6 min, ČR, VŠUP
Království příborů / director: Eva Skurská, 6 min, ČR, VOŠF Zlín
Na větvi / director: Jaromír Plachý, 1 min, ČR, VŠUP
Úskalí / director: Jan Bohuslav, 8 min, ČR, FAMU
Swimming Pool / director: Saša Hetmerová, 6 min, ČR, FAMU