TEŠLON & FRKL / tYhle + WALK IN PROGRESS / Anna Polívková & Halka Třešňáková

Double Bill, part of Prague nonverbal festival
performance length: 80 min
no language barrier
Movement encounters of the 3rd kind / 20 min. / no language barrier

Man, born of dust, steps into time, into the world, into history. And he is not alone… A physical performance about the life of two beings from a place with unexpected laws and a different daily routine. A story of how Tešlon and Frkl learn from each other and give to each other through the language of images that is acrobatics. Florent Golfier and Lukáš Karásek work from a precisely prepared foundation yet constantly surprise each other with physical improvisation – disturbing each other’s habits and automatic reactions, enriching each other with physical skills. They are like two brothers who have never met before.

Created by, performed by: Florent Golfier, Lukáš Karásek
Light design: Martin Čepec Holoubek
Set design: Stella Šonková

The tYhle group came to be through unplanned artistic meetings. tYhle are the children of the onset of the new millenium, the offspring of globalization and of different roots that are interconnected by curiousity, ambition and an inclination for those unexpected surprises with which they can create. Each has grown out of various experiences and comes from a different place but they have discovered a common language in physical theatre.

Web page: tyhle.cz
Other performances by the group: Les Fantômes, πr² – pierer, Umbilicus, Un
Opening night: 13. 3. 2013, Marta Theatre Studio, Brno


WALK IN PROGRESS / Anna Polívková & Halka Třešňáková
35 min. / no language barrier

Anna Polívková, stepping forward. Halka Třešňáková, stepping back. Two artists in opposition to each other, yet walking together towards their physical theatre performance. The journey itself is the destination; each walk, a theatre rehearsal. No more popping out for ciggies! No choice now but to examine the walk, in progress, as process.

Choreography and performed by: Anna Polívková a Halka Třešňáková
Choreography support: Dominique Boivin, Jean-Christophe Paré
Light design: František Fabián
Co-produced by: SE.S.TA.
With the support of: Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre