TAKE DOWN / Kazuyo Shionoiri (JPN) and Dror Liberman (ISR)

Part of Prague Nonverbal festival
performance length: 30 min
no language barrier
Dror Liberman and Kazuyo Shionoiri present a violently physical manifestation of the independent artist's struggle for survival. The couple spanks and bites, pull each other's hair, throw each other on the floor, push each other towards invisible ring ropes, and make use of a surreal variety of acrobatics, throws and beatings.

By engaging themselves fully in the extremities of wrestling, they evoke both our fascination and repulsion, never forgetting the ridiculousness that is built into this cheap form of entertainment. But this is nothing compared to what they are referencing: the radicalization of discourse in society today, which surpasses anything we might have imagined… The piece was created with great awareness of the audience’s role in any choreographed battle, as the two turn the focus from each other to a full-on spectacle of violence.

“Dror Liberman and Kazuyo Shionoiri created and performed in TAKE DOWN, which is their vision of a dark allegory of the day-to-day battles, as an indication to the narrow borders of our existence, to the everlasting distance from freedom.“
Ruth Eshel, Haaretz

“In TAKE DOWN, Dror Liberman and Kazuyo Shionoiri turn the radicalization of discourse patterns into a WWF-like ring where the two fight each other without limits or inhibitions. In a gradual process Shionoiri passes from complete passiveness to an active attack.“
Idit Suslik, City Mouse

Created and Performed by: Kazuyo Shionoiri and Dror Liberman.
Dramaturge and artistic advice: Idit Herman, Clipa Theater
Costume design: Marina Moiseeva
Premiére: 5. 12. 2016, Jerusalem Dance week
Supported by/thanks to: Machol Shalem Dance house (Jerusalem, Israel)

Dror Liberman is a young Israeli contemporary dance choreographer and performer, and an active member of the Clipa visual theater collective. He finished his studies at the Haifa Contemporary Dance School in 2013. Since then, as a freelancer he has cooperated with many different artists and dance companies, and as an independent choreographer he has developed own choreographic works as well. The core topic of his interest is based on exploring the "Cultural Terrorism" as a diffrent ways that art can function in nowadays world. His works demonstrate a wide scale of skills and abilities. It is hard to relate to his works to one style or to one specific genre, as he strives to create a new language in every piece of his.

Kazuyo Shionoiri is a young Japanese contemporary dance choreographer, performer and a teacher, and an active member of the Clipa visual theater collective. She graduated M.A from the Department of dance and sports since in the The Japan Women's College for Physical Education (JWCPE) at 2008. Since then, as a freelancer she has cooperated with many different artists and dance companies, and teaching in the university in Tokyo. The core topic of her interest is based on exploring the existential questions in the daily life, and present it in light way, full of humor, within the years she got many awards such a "Toyama artistic movement" (2005) "Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme For Artist" (2010) "Pola Art Foundation" (2012) for her unique promising and fresh voice as a choreographer.