STICKER / Jan Bárta, Halka Třešňáková & Milou Veling (NL)

Alone together. Against each other. Inseparable.
performance length: 60 min
movement theatre
directing support, set design: Milou Veling
idea: Halka Třešňáková, Jan Bárta
lights: František Fabián
music/text: David Hlaváč, Ganz Egal
performed by: Halka Třešňáková, Jan Bárta
production: Markéta Černá
visual: Michaela Klakurková
In Czech with English subtitles.

Sticker is part of PERFORMING V4 - biennial.

What could you encounter on a good-natured visit with a married couple whose relationship is almost past bearing? Because they know so much about each other and know each other so well, they can hate each other but love as well. The word respect doesn’t exist here. This pair's presentation of itself as an idealistic, dependable couple deteriorates into a series of absurd manipulations, mutual provocations and regrets related to their past together. The feelings of embarrassment caused by our insight into this couple's intimacy lead us to ask whether this, in spite of all its depravity, might not be love as it should be.

In 2010 the Třešňáková-Bárta duo rehearsed their performance It is Exactly About... Not the Paradise in Amsterdam, Holland. After the Dutch premiere, the Czech premiere followed, at the 4+4 Days in Motion Festival in Prague. It is Exactly About... Not the Paradise is still being performed at many international festivals (eg. Opava, Kolín, Budapest). The performance, based on the story of Adam and Eve, provokes the audience itself into activity.

With this new work, the theatre makers have chosen an unconventional route as well, a non-literary approach to text, and a non-aesthetic approach to movement and the body itself. Dutch artist Milou Veling (Silo Theater) was invited once more to collaborate on the direction and stage design.

Website of Jan Bárta
Supported by: The City of Prague; Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; VARP – Visegrad Fund; Nová síť; Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre; Meetfactory

Special thanks to: Vlasta Třešňák, Družina, Crewcollective, Stary Browar-Poznan.
Friends, family and everyone whom we met along the way ...

Photo: Michaela Klakurková Photo: Michaela Klakurková Photo: Michaela Klakurková