performance length: 60 min
Markets change, we should too. Introducing the world's first startup comedy! No, not stand-up: startup. Replace your (a)political cabaret with an economic cabaret. Immanuel Kant defines a startup as a company created in order to determine whether or not it can exist. Startup Comedy means: entrepreneurial ideas, stories and business models.

Newsflash! Special guest: 19th Century startupist Félix Nadar!

Performance is in Czech.

Project team: Petr Šourek, Eva Holá, Vladimír Burian, Swetja, Dan Dittrich, Eva Čechová, Kristýna Dámová, Philipp Schenker, Marcela Máchová, Jan Hrdý, Pavel Kotyza, Aneta Ložková, Lenka Skřečková, Lucie Plachá, Radim Klásek, Andrej Boleslavský, Vojta Kopta.

This group has already put several other ideas into motion. The most famous is the first ever corruption travel agency, Corrupt Tour (since 2012,, which garnered major international publicity: thousands of people travelled to see corruption sights and monuments, and the international media then spread the word about this new tourist experience to millions of viewers and readers around the world. Previous projects of the group also involved interventions in public space (Satyrikon s.r.ó, 2006–2009, It has also helped created new debate formats (Open Think Tank, 2010–2014). Current projects include the conversion of functional technical equipment (ventilation shafts over nuclear war shelters) for recreational purposes.

Past performances: Satyrikon s.r.ó, UV-Urlaub/Holiday Survival, This Time in the Most Western Czech Town, Corrupt Tour, Pink Path through Černý most and others.

Twitter Startup Comedy: @startupotchi

Opening night: 27. 11. 2015, Alfred ve dvoře
Supported by: MOTUS - producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Hlavní město Praha.