SPECIAL OFFER / Philippe Saire: Vacuum + Berlin: Zvizdal

Part of 4+4 Days in Motion festival
performance length: 140 min
Philippe Saire: Vacuum / 19:00 / Alfred ve dvoře / 30 min.
Berlin: Zvizdal (Chernobyl – So Far, So Close) / 20:00 / Archa Theatre / 80 min.

Special ticket for festival double-bill costs 330 / 230 CZK. Apologies, there is no possibility of ticket reservation. It's necessary to directly BUY them online, or personally at the Freshlabels Store at Panská 9 street. Unsold tickets will be available at the theatre box office one hour before the start of the performance. Thanks for understanding. Festival offers a transport by bus from Alfred ve dvoře theatre to Archa theatre.

Philippe Saire: Vacuum
For more than thirty years, choreographer Philippe Saire’s experimental approach to dance has given him a reputation as one of Switzerland’s most important representatives of contemporary dance theater – a status he confirmed with his most recent work, Vacuum, created in 2016 in collaboration with the Théâtre National de Chaillot from Paris and Geneva’s La Bâtie festival.

In Vacuum, the dancers’ bodies move among two neon tubes, appearing and disappearing among black holes and blinding light. Saire thus creates a highly artistic and poetic optical illusion while also playing with the viewer’s sense of perception. The dancers’ bodies produce a diverse range of fantastical images that refer to various chapters from the history of art – from the Renaissance to the invention of photography.

Length of performance: 30 min.
No language barriers

Berlin (Belgium): Zvizdal (Chernobyl – So Far, So Close)
The multimedia performance Zvizdal (Chernobyl – So Far, So Close) is a portrait of an elderly couple who refused to leave the forbidden zone surrounding the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant and continue to live there, farming their land in absolute isolation. It is a story of loneliness, poverty, and struggle for survival, but also a tale of determination, love, and hope.

BERLIN was founded in 2003 in Antwerp by Bart Baele, Yves Degryse, and Caroline Rochlitz. BERLIN’s original works combine film with poetry, documentary film with theater, and fiction with modern technology. Zvizdalwas inspired by the work of French journalist Cathy Blisson, who first brought the old couple living in the forbidden zone to the attention of Baele and Degryse. The performance had its premiere at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels in May 2016.

Length of performance: 80 min.
In English with Czech subtitles