SPECIAL OFFER / Myriam Bleau: autopsy.glass + Elina Pirinen: Personal Symphonic Moment

Part of 4+4 Days in Motion festival
performance length: 135 min
Myriam Bleau (CA): autopsy.glass / 19:00 / Alfred ve dvoře / 30 min.
Elina Pirinen (FI): Personal Symphonic Moment / 20:00 / Divadlo Ponec / 75 min.

Special ticket for festival double-bill costs 330 / 230 CZK. Apologies, there is no possibility of ticket reservation. It's necessary to directly BUY them online, or personally at the Freshlabels Store at Panská 9 street. Unsold tickets will be available at the theatre box office one hour before the start of the performance. Thanks for understanding. Festival offers a transport by bus from Alfred ve dvoře theatre to Ponec theatre.

Myriam Bleau (Kanada): autopsy.glass
The audiovisual performance autopsy.glass explores the aural, visual, and symbolic potential of glass. Montreal-based musician and multimedia artist Myriam Bleau works with wine glasses – both gently and with greater force – in order to toy with the viewer’s sense of suspense and anticipation of an unavoidable catastrophe.

Elina Pirinen (FI): Personal Symphonic Moment
Well-known Finnish choreographer and musician Elina Pirinen first presented Personal Symphonic Moment in 2013. Pirinen herself considers the work to be a kind of “autopsy” of Shostakovich’s famous Leningrad Symphony. Pirinen’s approach to this famous composition, which is played in its entirety during her performance, is both very precise and consciously distorted, creative as well as destructive, faithful as well as entirely spontaneous. Shostakovich’s most famous symphony, composed in 1942, is usually interpreted as an expression of the struggle against fascism, but it also contains a strong personal condemnation of all forms of tyranny, including the Soviet dictatorship.
In 2014, Personal Symphonic Moment earned Elina Pirinen the Critics’ Spurs award (presented every year by the Finnish Association of Critics) for its “forceful and original choreography.”

Lenght of performance: 75 min
Trailer: vimeo.com/78250182