SILENT NIGHT / Divadelta

On understanding between the generations and of death, when life goes on.
performance length: 90 min
When Saša's parents say she has to share her bedroom with her aging grandfather, not only does she lose her privacy, but intergenerational conflicts arise. Worse, nobody expects that this Christmas will be grandpa's last...

This is a performance about intergenerational conflict and also how to deal with death, how to say goodbye and why it's important to remember.

This performance is for audience 12 years and older.

Performing: Hana Vrbová/Mariana Večeříková, Jitka Rosenová/Markéta Dvořáková, Jakub Šebesta/Zdeňěk Grečnar, Josef Rosen/Vilém Faltýnek
Written by: Hana Vrbová, Jitka Rosenová
Directed by: Divadelta
Special thanks / Support: Nadační fond AVAST, program Spolu až do konce.