an easy going evening - open stage!
performance length: min
An open-stage evening for all performance/theatre experiments travelling down the border between performing and fine or visual arts.
An open invitation to all artists, performers and spectators who want to take risks, test out new and unusual “art mixtures” and who don’t mind making mistakes. Every kind of unexpected performance experiment, wild collaboration, crossover or test project welcome!
The inspiration code words for each edition of Shaker are as folowes:

April 8th, 2005:

March 4th, 2005:
- blossoming visions and fatal illusions
- rabbits, hares and bandits
- Czech Rage and Strangle of 2004 Awards Gala

February 4th, 2005:
- classic calamity
- aftershakers
- lucky by accident

The Alfred ve dvoře theatre will help with essential technical support
while the Koko bar will provide culinary back-up.
Supervised by Motus o.s. - production of Alfred ve dvore theatre.