SENSO UNICO / Compagnia Due (CH)

part of the Swiss Spring multi-disciplinary programme
performance length: 60 min
return of the Swiss clowns
no language barrier
local production: Renata Lišková, MIMo.s.
performed by: Bernard Stöckli, Andreas Manz
Our heroes find themselves in a place where the only way forward is “senso unico“: a narrow one way street. They can only move ahead, never able to go back. This takes them to a place where nobody has been before, yet which seems strangely familiar. Different from each other as good and evil, black and white, the two are forced to discover everything together. Thanks to a naive approach to the world, thanks to their liveliness and unpredictability, and in spite of the fights this all brings, the place paradoxically becomes their very own Treasure Island.

Clowns Andreas Manz and Bernard Stöckli have been in the service of humour for many years.
Partner: Embassy of Switzerland in Prague
Sponsor: Rentsch Legal