SAPPHIRE HEAD / Handa Gote Research & Development

puppet psychedelia, remake, neighbourhood gathering
performance length: 60 min

In 1996 there was a performance called SAPPHIRE HEAD, performed only once, in Prácheň in the Northern Bohemian town of Kamenický Šenov, in the home of the Váchal family, neighbours to both of the performance's protagonists and creators. Having recently rediscovered the remnants of the set, bits of puppets and objects from this performance in the basement of a family home 23 years later, they attempted to recreate this work. They also found on a VHS-C videocassette a fragment of this original performance, which was supposed to be performed many times, although fate decided otherwise. Instead of a short period of repeat performances then nostalgic reminiscence followed by an endless period of forgetting, it became a legend about which many heard, but nobody had ever seen. Our reconstruction does not really attempt to revive an old performance, but to go through the very process of reconstruction, preferably with a work that was more or less doomed to be forgotten at the very moment of its creation.

PREPARED BY: Kopřiva, Procházka, Smolík

Part of the performance is a short documentary film, explaining the background of the whole project.