Saint Nicholas, the Devil and the Angel

D.I.S. Harmonie
performance length: 70 min
free improvisation
Saint Nicholas, the Devil and the Angel – three characters who evoke many emotions.
You only need to read what they say about them in the tabloids:
Saint Nicholas, the Devil and the Angel – a behind-the-scenes look!
Saint Nicholas and the Angel caught red-handed! What will the Devil do?
Saint Nicholas tests kids, but he himself doesn’t know a poem by heart!
The Angel is moonlighting at a bar in Anděl!

An informal evening with the D.I.S.HARMONIE group dedicated to these characters. The audience will have the chance to find out whether they really exist, what their relationships are like and what their favourite poems are. This interactive performance is open to all parents and children, who get to influence the performance with their own topics and suggestions.
The evening is also dedicated to all parents who regret having to fork over money to some fake street Saint Nicholas.
The performance is also open to those who haven’t been good. Our art is for everyone regardless of age, religion or belief in Saint Nicholas, the Devil and the Angel.

An evening with gifts, theatre and music. Bring your children and a gift basket.

The company was founded in 2001 as an independent group of former classmates from DAMU united by their interest in the study and improvisation. At D.I.S.HARMONIE evenings the audience is directly involved in the process of creating dramatic situations. They get to see the performing arts as a dynamic open game between the stage and the auditorium.