Olga Ryabets & Elephant Band
performance length: 60 min
living room theatre farce
I’ll go home and tell that old woman who gave birth to me that her old husband died when she was away. I’ll convince her to get married again and I’ll sell her for thirty or fifty taels of silver to pay off my gambling debts. Isn’t that a great idea?
(Dong, a Chinese child)

Adapted from a Chinese shadow play and embedded within a larger framework of a social event at Alfred’s Mala Scena, this quirky reversed Hamlet is the very first step in the group’s collective practical research into the theatricality of private spaces. Each evening we also welcome a special guest for a lively, casual discussion.
Olga Ryabets (director) is a young Ukrainian-Canadian director and painter who has lived in Toronto, Los Angeles, Belgrade and Kiev. Olga studied drama in Toronto and currently studies at the department of alternative and puppet theatre at the DAMU in Prague. One of the themes that she has long focussed on is the phenomenon of house theatre and theatricality in non-theatre spaces.

Original text: Fan Pen Li Chen, on the motif of a traditional Chinese fable
Sets: the DAMU workshop
Technical support: Motus

Jan Přibylský Jan Přibylský