performance length: 60 min
A solo performance devoted to the following themes: persistence, serenity, resilience and patience. This project was originally inspired by the life stories of women who resisted the system, culture or patriarchal attitudes despite of putting their lives at stake such as Joan of Arc, Olympe de Gouges, Rosa Luxembourg, Petra Kelley and last but not least Gertrude Stein. The performance consists of three thematic parts, each employing different dance, physical and stage means of expression. The first part combines classical ballet with modern dance techniques and the Faldenkrais Method. The second part – “The Body Altar” is more of a fine art installation rather than pure dance. In the last part the author creates an unusual connection by combining text and motion.
Supported by:Česko-německý fond budoucnosti, dm drogerie markt, s.r.o.