PUSS IN BOOTS / Toy Machine Theatre

for kids 3 and up
performance length: 40 min
A puppet fairy-tale with singing and a bird choir / in Czech.

When one brother gets a mill and the other a donkey, it seems to the third that getting a tomcat is getting shortchanged. It’s even more of a let down when the tomcat’s a vegetarian and has mice as buddies. Even so, friendship is sometimes worth much more than half a kingdom and a princess to boot. Here’s a merry tale based on the motives of the well-known Grimm Brother’s fairy-tale, where you can join us in "purrfect" song of a well-known "meow-lody."

Performance and production: Tomáš Běhal a Tomáš Podrazil
Scenography: Pavel Heřmann a Tomáš Běhal
Dramaturgy: David Košťák

Toy Machine Theatre specializes in puppet and object theatre, drawing from the Czech Republic’s strong puppet tradition. Its artists are enchanted by puppets in all shapes, sizes, and forms and are not afraid to break the usual rules at times. The fairy tales created by Toy Machine Theatre are intended for viewers of all ages, both children and adults alike will find themselves entertained.