PRAPRAPRA... TALE 2/ Toy Machine and Puppets Without Borders

For kids 5 and up
performance length: 40 min
a puppet variation on the theme of birth
dramaturgy and directed by: Dora Bouzková, Tomáš Běhal
performed by: Lukáš Bouzek, Dora Bouzková, Tomáš Běhal
set design: Pavel Heřmann
This very colourful, fun puppet show for kids is all about "Birth". It sets out to discover the parts of the body while trying to find out how children are born.

Compared to part one the creators portray the formation of human life in much more detail.
Come explore with us the parts of the body, we may even get to the question of where babies come from. Part two is above all about the theme of “birth“. The show is for basic school aged kids.

There will be a crafts workshop after the performance. Children will get to create and take home a prehistoric animal, prehistoric human, or whatever our prehistorical theme inspires them to make.

This performance was created by two puppet companies: Toy Machine and Puppets Without Borders. Both are committed to artistic activites with a focus on puppets. The goal is to create entertaining theatre and popularize the art of puppetry, and so both companies also conduct educational activities.
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