PHANTOMIC SENSATION (workshop) / Gaja Karolczak (PL)

How can a complete body understand a phantom sensation?
performance length: 180 min
Part of PERFORMING V4 – Biennial. Workshop is held in English.

Phantomic Sensation is an experimental research project,a workshop in which neuroscientific knwoledge about phantom sensations meets the domain of subjective experience and phenomenal reports in the field of touch experiences. It is an entry point to revisioning the nature of concepts of imagination and memory of the body. And from there it is also a step towards the “mysterious brain jungle of familiar everyday acts” …
Main questions are provoked by Oliver Sack’s enigmatic suggestion, that in some sense phantom can be reveled by amputation but exist as such in every body. But How can a complete body understand the phenomenon of phantom sensation? How can one reveal the phantom body? On what bodily/sensational aspects one can work in order to approach the subject? These are the riddles to reflect on through through the body.

Entry to this workshop performance is free. Maximum number of participants is 30.

Gaja Karolczak (PL)
Movement researcher. Studied Art History and Science of Performative Creativity (Poznań, Malta, Rome). Collaborated with Marysia Zimpel in 2012: Can We Eat an Apple of Neuroscience? at Tanzquartier Vienna, did research on Phantomic Sensation in frames of a.pass (Brussels) 2013/14. Simultaneously initiated Phantomic Sensation movement research realized with Marysia Zimpel and Martyna Lorenc in frames of VARP-PA in Budapest. Lectures in frames of conferences on improvisation (Łódź /ms2 Muzeum Sztuki/, FRIVMOVE) Wrote: „Choreographing Empathy and Mirror Neurons”, Didaskalia nr 112, (2012) and “On reception of dance improvisation” in: Przyjdźcie, pokażemy Wam, co robimy. O improwizacji tańca, Łódź (2013) - both published in Polish, Letters on practice in: Writing Scores a.pass 2014
Currently begins to work with blind people on body awareness, unfolds interests in hypnosis, was invited to Unintentional discourse programme (sign6, Brussels)

Concept: Gaja Karolczak & Martyna Lorenc& Marysia Zimpel
Direction / Performance: Gaja Karolczak & Martyna Lorenc

Performing V4 - Biennial of VARP-PA Residents takes place 26-27-28th February 2015 in Prague (CZ). Performing V4 - Biennial of VARP-PA Residents is an initiative by 4 performing arts organizations like: L1 Egyesület (H), Nová síť o.s. (CZ), Art Stations Foundation (PL) and Truc sphérique, nezisková organizácia (SK), to launch a professional festival taking place every 2 years that presents the work of selected artists supported by International Visegrad Fund’s Residency Programme for Performing Arts (VARP-PA).

The project responds to the lack of such a regional platform for emerging artists in the field of performing arts and by making a different country a host every 2 years, it also ensures that such an event can be connected to different local contexts.
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