home theater
performance length: min
concept: Curious
performed by: Helen Paris, Leslie Hill, Lois Weaver
Have you ever been taken unawares by something in the air - transported to another place and time by an intangible but achingly familiar scent? On the Scent explores the elusive connections between smell and memory.

The performance has taken place in a diverse selection of homes ranging from a two-up-two down terrace house in West Bromwich and a council flat in East London to a luxury apartment adjacent to the Empire State Building in New York, seamlessly shapeshifting to a state-of-the-art condominium in Toronto and then on to a historical building in the heart of Porto Alegre, Brazil and a colonial mansion building in Shanghai.

Helen Paris and Leslie Hill are internationally respected artists known for their edgy, humorous interrogations of contemporary culture and politics. Their work embraces live performance, digital media, installation, publication, film, and video. As Curious they have produced over 30 works, as well as collaborations with artists, organisations and audiences worldwide.

On the Scent is an intimate 40 minute journy for 4 audience members at time.
Performances run over two days with 8 shows per day. The times for shows are:
3pm, 3.40pm, 4.20pm, 5pm, 7pm, 7.40pm, 8.20pm and 9pm.

Reservations can be made only on 739 775 747.
In english.