Décalages - Theatre in Movement
performance length: 60 min
Theatre. Circus. Music.
In Czech and French.

There is a secret here, which you will never understand. I could rub it right into your face. You could drink it, you could eat it, repeat it by heart, but you will never understand it. For it is mine and not yours. Of course, you have got your own secrets, but that can’t be very interesting. (Norge)

In order to say that it is all over, we still have to speak to each other and feel some kind of affection for each other. In order to find the truth, the real truth, we need to follow our desires. In order to expose all, we have to take off our clothes!

Décalages – Theatre in Movement
Décalages is a Franco-Czech theatrical ensemble based in Prague, founded by Seiline Vallée and Salvi Salvatore in 2007. The two artists met in the Czech theatrical company Divadlo Continuo, of which they were an integral part for several years. Their most striking auctorial project with that ensemble was a production of The Flow of Time, very popular with audiences and newspapers.

In their professional lives, both of them have encountered many different expressive resources. They have worked with the principle and elements of the new circus and of physical, street, puppet and classical theatre and with many other forms.

The ensemble attempts to create performances based on real life from concrete, intense situations.
The result of the theatrical transposition is a poetic, visual language combining aerial acrobatics, music, dance, theatre design and drama. In the work of the ensemble, which performs in various European countries where it encounters other artists, a very significant role is played by the blending of genres and cultures. These encounters always take place on theatrical, acrobatic and human levels...

Décalages has staged three devised performances to date: Posedlost (directed by Irina Andreeva), TaBALADA (directied by Zoja Mikotová) and Bez Země (directed by Véronic Joly).

Pierre Nadaud
A French philosopher, dancer, clown, director, choreographer and teacher who has lived and worked in the Czech Republic since 1997. Currently he is running the Studio of Clown Stage and Film Art at the JAMU University in Brno and is also artistic director of the Mamacallas art group. Recently he performed his new performance People without a Name at the KoresponDance festival.

David Synák
Multinstrumentalist, performer and founder of the group Čankišou, David has also appeared at the Goose on a String Theatre, with Theatre Continuo, and as a member of V.O.S.A. group, which represented Czech culture as part of the accompaying program of Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

The poetry of Belgian francophone poet Norge (1898-1990) serves ss inspiration for Décalages‘ new performance. Under the veneer of its ubiquitous humour, and of a simple, accessible and sometimes almost childish use of language, Norge’s poetry conceals a truly metaphysical dimension. This poet who defies classification, overcome by the fact of his own existence, can’t stop asking “how is it possible that I am a human being?“. His poetry assembles together the specific and the metaphysical, sensuality and cruelty, truth and distrustfulness, everyday whims and a desire for the infinite. His awe at the diversity of life in all it forms allows him to examine worms with the same engagement as stars.
Supported by: The Czech Ministry of Culture, The City of Prague, Život umělce Foundation and SE.S.TA.

Premiere: 14.11.2011

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