non-verbal comedy
*HAMU graduation performance*

A non-verbal performance on our motivations, dreams, on what drives us forward and the internal fight in our everyday lives. Relationship, labour – in fact employment, leisure time, home, money, health and confrontation in society. Am I satisfied? Am I well? Am I happy with what I do? Am I true to myself? What about our second I? Nearly no comment.
HE and SHE are going to a gallery. It’s their first date. They don’t know each other but are relatively interested one in another. They pass by sculptures which in a way express their hidden thoughts.
Each speaks aloud on what they have seen. Quite in hypocrisy they exchange opinions. It just depends whom they talk to. HE and SHE are different.
Pavel Richta (1982). Since 2005 a student at HAMU University, in Non-verbal and comedy theatre. In 2007 he participated in a three-month stay at the school of non-verbal and verbal theatre at the Magenia Studio in Paris and participated in the Symposium of Musicians in Slovenia called Etnohisteria ( In 2008 he performed at the festival of theatre schools Tojama in Japan. In 2006 he was a co-organiser and author of a performance at the Teatrotoc festival. In 2004 he joined in an acrobatic, dance and stilt project which was the basis of Cirkus sci-fi, a successful performance.