Days of Exchange /15.-18. 5. 2007 / Profile of contemporary Hungarian dance group L1 DanceLab
performance length: 65 min
no language barrier

Solo performance dealing with the appearance, voice, movement, which first happened on a site specific place and than moved into the theatre space. Timeless situations, relationship between man-woman, performer-audience, kind of improvisation.
„Just listen and take the desire which I give you – with full of my heart!”

conception / dancer: Marta Ladjanszki
special thanks to: Marton Jedlicska, Balazs Lajti, Dori Szilagyi, Árpád Tóth


A contemporary cabaret on the defenselessness to our animalistic nature.

Good music, black humor, a drop of psychoanalysis – it’s all mixed in this slightly schizophrenic performance, which was inspired by Zero Ballet’s former piece „Prince Argirus and the Corngirl” played for children. This version – for adults – does not follow the story of the tale, rather it creates an absurd world by featuring and distorting certain scenes of the original play.

music: mix
performers: Andrea Mészöly, Eszter Monojlovits, Zsuzsa Muraközy, György Vostenák
costumes: Enikő Bodnár, Andrea Mészöly
video: Ádám Sipos
director: Gyula Berger
Supported: L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership, OKM