synthetic cathartic drama
performance length: min
Jean Dubuffet: Asphyxiating Culture
The first Ministry of Information was established in England during the war when distorting of information turned out to be beneficial. All countries followed this example so now, there is no information left. The first Ministry of Culture was established in France several years ago having the same consequence that it actually aims for: to replace liberal culture with an artificial substitute having similar effect to the one of antibiotics — to take over the whole space leaving not a single free place where anything different could flourish.

Ivan Wernisch: Proslýchá se
Krrakk, the spirit of a big tree, sits on a branch. High on the branch, he sits asleep. He has been sitting on the branch asleep for thousand years. Still asleep; however, one day, he wakes up, opens his eyes, frightens and fells from the tree. He fells down, bangs his head and gets lost in the woods. Never does he return to his tree. Even if he returned to his tree, he would not recognize it – he would find an old, dying oak.
Space for the initial research was provided by the Šašek’s family in summer 2006.
This project has been supported by the City of Prague and MOTUS C.A., ALFRED VE DVOŘE Theatre Production, Messenger, WD/LUX, Divadlo bratří Formanů.