Sumako Koseki (Japan)
performance length: 70 min
Butó performance
The performance will be performed as a part of Japanese evening in Alfred. The event will also offer traditional japanese music. The perfrormance will follow with a party marking end of the theatre season to which you are most cordially welcome.

Butó is a journey, listening to silence, and uncovering the depths of memory.
Butó is a space in which a body lives with its own language. Butó works with archetypes, unconsciousness, intellectual and collective consciousness, the relations between the microcosm and macrocosms. Sumako has this to say about the performance: “It offers the spectator a similar level of amazement that we experience in our childhood, when we see the sea, a circus, or a magic show for the first time.“

Mad-âme is a play on two words: “mad” and “âme”. Mad means mentally ill, ludicrous,
Âme stands for spirit in French. The word Madame, however, evokes an elegant lady. Sumako plays such a lady. But this lady hides her inner beast behind a sophisticated facade, and we will be able to see her transformations.
This woman, with no limit in terms of age or gender, takes us to a magical world, structured as a dream without rationale or logic.
The show will continue with a week-long Butó workshop tutored by Sumako Koseki.
The reservation for this workshop can be made by e-mail on or

Thanks to: ANA - All Nippon Airways and Miyabi Restaurant Miyabi website

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