Work in Progress
performance length: 50 min
A presentation of stage material aiming at the realisation of an evening performance in the next season. A socio-dramatic cabaret inspired by the authors’ own experience and I.Bergmann movies.
What happens to love if it survives the first waves of a crush? When we learn unexpected details about our partner? What changes with children, a family, and our own ageing? What do we gain and lose by staying together? When we promise to back one another through good times and bad, there is at least one witness then that knows well how we lived and what we lived through.

This is the next step of the STAGE CODE theatre formation in creating performances with gender topics (the Alfred theatre has staged, besides others, With Your Forever or Test.Ost.Er.On – the Voice from the Other Side, and other projects). This time the men and women will confront each other directly on stage. Free continuation of chapters on partnership take advantage of a performance so typical for the work of STAGE CODE – strong images, elements of motion theatre, cabaret, live music by TABLE, authentic texts and the personal stories of the authors.

STAGE CODE was established by Daniela Vorackova and Philipp Schenker in Prague in 1999. In cooperation with various Czech and foreign artists they make theatre projects, object theatre, site specific, cabaret, street theatre etc. The group has also performed their projects in Germany, Austria, former Yugoslavia, Holland, Poland, the Ukraine and the USA.
Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic, SPREAD C.A.. and MOTUS – producers of the ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre

Activities of the STAGE CODE theatre formation are in the year 2008 supported by the Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic.