Live Art in the UK

performance length: min
Live Art is one of the most vibrant and influential of creative spaces in contemporary UK culture: it is a research engine driven by artists who are working across forms, contexts and spaces to open up new artistic models, new languages for the expression of ideas, new ways of activating audiences, and new strategies for intervening in public life.

Lois Keidan of the Live Art Development Agency London will present a lecture about Live Art in the UK: how and why this area of practice has evolved, and the different kinds of practices and approaches the term Live Art represents in the UK today. The lecture will be illustrated by documentation of the work of artists drawn from the Agency’s Study Room resource.

The Live Art Development Agency offers a portfolio of Resources, Professional Development Schemes, Projects and Initiatives for the support and development of Live Art practices and discourses in London, the UK and internationally. The Agency is committed to working strategically, in partnership, and in consultation with artists and organisations in the cultural sector.