Free Improvisation
Do you carry your blanket and rum? Have you ever seen a joint concert of a crustacean and a cloven-footed beast? And do you like country music? Which one shall we sing today?

Even D.I.S.HARMONIE do not know, although in the improvisation they offer their audience both ordinary and bizarre stories made up on the spot. Four actors and one drummer will entertain and surprise everyone who is up to take the ride on the wave of unrehearsed theatre. No topic or limitation – this is freestyle improvisation by D.I.S.HARMONIE.

The theatre group was established in 2001 as an independent association of former classmates from the Theatre College DAMU following the study of improvisation. Their performances give the audience a direct insight into the process of creating a dramatic situation. D.I.S. Harmony offers a dynamic and open game between the stage and spectators.

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