Saturday kids' show
performance length: 40 min
A kids‘ puppet show about valiant knight George, who did not yet know about the power of love… Loosely based on the legends of St. George / in Czech

In the times of queens and kings, when dragons still roam the lands, the brave knight George is born. He eats adventure for breakfast and for dinner, and adventure courses through his veins. But he has yet to encounter the power of love and realize all he can do for it, in order to save the somewhat naïve, but surely delightful Catherine. As if that were not enough, Prince Eman and a dragon are already fighting over this surely beautiful princess. How will it all end? Is killing a dragon enough for the heart to come into its own?
Don’t miss the puppet fairy tale by Toy Machine theatre, full of suspense, laughter and music. The show is loosely based on the legends of St. George and other stories about famous knights.

For kids up to 3 to 9 years

Toy Machine Theatre specializes in puppet and object theatre. At their performances ordinary day-to-day objects come to life right before your eyes, yet the performers never forget to draw from traditional approaches to puppet theatre. “The Czech Republic was once a Puppet Superpower, where a lot of thought went into puppetry,“ say members of the group, “and we hope it will be so again.“ The puppet shows of Toy Machine Theatre are intended for all kinds of audiences - they engage both children and grownups. Some of the group’s performances have been in repertory for several years and more are being added. Toy Machine Theatre also offers creative workshops in which participants get to make their own puppets.

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