In Czech
performance length: 50 min
Kinder Apple Surprise
Invented, realized and played by: Jakub Folvarčný
Karel Jaromír's classic fairy tale "The Apple Maiden" as never seen before.

It's got everything it is supposed to: a brave prince, a beautiful princess under a spell and an old crone, who wants the prince by her hand.
Questions the story asks: where is the Apple Maiden? Who put a spell on whom?

For kids 5 and up.

Karl and Jaromír´s Fairy Tale is not the first self-created performance by actor, director and successful slampoet Jakub Folvarčný. For example, he directed and performed in Through the Ears of Autumn and the the fairy tales The Wolf and Hunger and The Unfortunate Builder. His most recent new work is Trapped in the Body, created especially for the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre.